Uroy Clarke with a 714 vote majority.

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Meet the Focus Team

UROY CLARKE has lived and worked in Milton Keynes for most of his life, based in Broughton Gate with his family. He is a university lecturer and also runs a college helping less fortunate people gain qualifications. He is a former President of the MK Equality Council with a particular interest in homelessness & mental health.

KERRIE BRADBURN has lived and worked in Milton Keynes all her life. Her background is in local government and education, where her particular expertise is working with disadvantaged children. She is currently Examinations Manager at Hazeley Academy. She is also passionate about football – MK Dons & Liverpool since you ask.

Sam Tiff

SAM CROOKS came to Milton Keynes to work at the Open University. He has been a councillor in this area for over 30 years and twice been Leader of the Council. He was Mayor of Milton Keynes 2019 – 20. He is also a magistrate and a former trustee of the Bletchley Park & the Parks Trust. He was the first chair of the city’s Community Relations Council.

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